Sioux Falls' store frontLocated in the “Heart of America,” Sioux Falls is South Dakota’s largest city, within a day’s drive of most Midwestern cities. And just outside of the Sioux Falls downtown city center is Steak-Out Char-Broiled Delivery.

No matter if you are native to the area or a visitor to our beautiful city, if you are looking for a delicious meal that delights, check out Steak-Out’s sizzling menu. You won’t find anything else like it in the Midwest. Each meal is specially prepared with Steak-Out’s special seasonings and secret recipe sauce. It is grilled over an open flame and packaged perfectly to ensure a hot, fresh meal delivered directly to your door.

So whether you are kicking your shoes off after a long day at work, or settling in after a long day of touring, give Steak-Out in Sioux Falls a call or order online and let us cater to your growling stomach.

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Restaurant Reviews

“Always order from here and never disappointed!! When I referred this place to others they usually say “Delivered steak? That doesn’t sound good given the wait time.”. I always reply with “Chances are it’s fresher and closer to the time it was cooked than any other food delivery service.” They always deliver fast and well before the time they give you over the phone. Would recommend to anyone.” – Dude Z, Google Review

“I’ve not had anything I don’t like from Steak-Out- their chicken, steak, burgers…it’s all good. My favorite is the Steakhouse burger- pulled pork on a beef patty- SO DELICIOUS. I highly recommend!” – AmyTJ_3434, TripAdvisor Review

“Wonderful customer service! Inadvertently checked pickup for our online order – they called to be sure – happily offered to deliver & indicated they would recook so we had fresh. Thank you!” Stephanie Wood, Facebook Review

“I was just in heaven the whole time i was eating my T-bone steak and baked potato, garden salad, nice soft butter roll with some type of almond cinnamon butter spread that is great. I highly recommend this place if you are really feeling steak and potatoes.” – Malik Sanders, Google Review

“Ordered delivery online and had one of the best delivery drivers ever! I called Matt to tell him how wonderful he was! My food was here in the timeframe quoted on the website and the driver was perfect! My food was hot and perfect! Thanks for an awesome experience!” – Stacey Boehrns, Facebook Review

“Had sirloin tips. Baked potato was large, hot and perfectly baked. The tips were tender and wonderfully seasoned. Fresh roll and honey butter. The salad was crisp and fresh.  And to top it all off, the delivery man was friendly and exactly on time! I mean, there is no need to go out for steak. I am thinking of trying the chicken or scallops the next time.” – Mona Stewart, Google Review