Birmingham store frontBirmingham, AL has become one of the top culinary cities in the South. Once a well-kept secret, with limited steak houses, Birmingham is now a host to a thriving dining scene.

However, some of the city’s best kept dining secrets are ones that have been around for generations. Steak-Out Birmingham, one of these hidden gems, is nestled into the corner of 28th Ave. S. and Crescent Linden.

The restaurant is best known for its sizzling hot delivery service. Choose from an array of quality steak cuts, for which the restaurant is named, or other grilled favorites like chicken and shrimp.

Call or place your order online and Steak-Out Birmingham will deliver a hot, fresh meal directly to your door.

Steak-Out Birmingham, AL Amenities

  • No-Contact Delivery & Pick-Up Available
  • Online Ordering
  • Catering

Restaurant Reviews

“My order was perfectly cooked and the grill marks where very aesthetic, 10/10 on service and delivery, my steaks and potatoes were both hot when they arrived.” – Lee Jordan, Google Review 

“I ordered the grilled chicken chef salad and it was amazing. They said it would be 45 minutes to 1 hour but I had already finished it when an hour hit and I was stuffed. Excellent service and food.” – Thomas Ingle, Google Review

“Steak-Out has been an excellent choice of places to order food from. Not only does their food taste amazing but the whole experience has been nothing but excellent. The ordering process is extremely easy and the delivery is very quick. I am very pleased with their service and would recommend them to any and everyone. Keep up the great work Steak-Out!!!” – tparker2019, TripAdvisor Review

“I probably get Steak-Out once a week. The drivers are friendly and never have an issue finding my apartment. The food is always as ordered and fresh.” – Samantha DiLorenzo, Facebook Recommended

Steak tips for lunch. At the last minute, I decided it was too hot to go out for lunch. Earlier in the month, someone from Steak Out had dropped off menus. I decided steak tips, baked potato, and a salad sounded good for lunch. I placed the order on line and close to 30 minutes later I had a hot lunch delivered straight to my desk. Win! Win!!” – Road56416760388, TripAdvisor Review