Augusta store frontNot only is Augusta home to one of the greatest golf tournaments in the world, it is also home to Steak-Out Augusta, GA, one of the top delivery restaurants in the city.

Our team at the Augusta, GA restaurant is proud to provide exceptional customer service, delicious steaks, burgers, and entrees to the local community. We serve up sizzling meals that delight. So call in your delivery order or place an order online.  

We are located on Pleasant Home Rd., off of Washington Rd., just down from the intersection of Furys Ferry Rd.

Steak-Out Augusta, GA Amenities

Restaurant Reviews

“I really like their food and service with a smile. The quality of the food is really good. I have had their cheesesteak twice and the taste and quality was consistent. Their burgers are nice and thick but not dry. The burgers have a charbroiled flavor and some people like that and some don’t but the burgers are good quality and not the cheap thin “meat” patties that you get at all of the traditional fast food places. I don’t know if I’m eating beef at some of these places. Steak-Out actually looks and tastes like beef. The prices are reasonable especially if you just order the special for the day. I’m getting really, really picky about where I eat now because everyone is cutting too many corners to stay in business. I rather pay slightly more to get great quality than to pay less and eat somebody’s roadkill, 😂😂😂.” – Patrick Wesby, Google Review

“I usually don’t do reviews but we ordered delivery, 2 steaks with baked potatoes and salad!!! I have to say this was some excellent food, cooked the way I wanted it and hot! Now I have to also say that the customer service was excellent as well, even the driver was great!! This is hard for a lot of restaurants. GOOD for you Steak-Out team!! 😊” – Shonda Willingham, Google Review

“Just ordered 3 hamburgers & ribeye sandwich. The delivery was quick and the food was delicious. Never had a bad experience with Steak-Out!” – James Richards, Google Review

“Ok, I had a craving in the middle of the night for steak, I promised myself I’d get steak for lunch. So, of course, I did a call in order. Once there I was greeted by the friendly staff and the cook even guessed my name! When you pick up your order, you get a free tea. It may be a little too sweet but it’s the South. Along with my sandwich, was my condiments bag which held a container for lettuce, onion and sauces I may want to add. The lettuce was enough for me to enjoy my steak sandwich.” – Kenya J., Yelp Review