Steak is one of those meals that people can be specific about: the choice cut of meat, the temperature, even the seasoning or marinade.However, a steak that is grilled to perfection impresses every time, and what better way to show your employees that you care and appreciate all of their hard work than by providing a delicious meal during your holiday party?

Steak-Out Charbroiled Delivery uses only the highest quality, 100% grain-fed USDA graded American beef for our offerings. Each steak is hand-cut and prepared fresh daily with select seasonings, providing your guests with a one-of-a-kind meal that satisfies.

Office Catering Near Me

Sometimes leaving the office for lunch can break the mood at the height of the creative flow. This is important time that could be used for productivity or working with a potential future client.

What if you didn’t have to leave for lunch? Steak-Out delivers perfectly-seared steaks, charbroiled chicken breasts, salads and more straight to your office door, allowing you and your potential clients to continue your meeting without missing a beat. Our sophisticated online ordering system allows you to personalize each meal so that everyone in attendance chooses what they want and how they want it prepared. From Ribeye to T-Bone to Sirloin, each cut of meat arrives grilled to perfection.

Office Event Catering

When planning an office event, you want it to be special. An impressive lunch is sure to delight your guests and your employees. Whether it’s a department meeting at the office, the company picnic or a special holiday party, if you’re looking for office catering near me, Steak-Out should be the first choice on your list. Each item is prepared fresh, and we offer a hot, complete meal that satisfies everyone’s palate.

Use our location service to find the Steak-Out nearest you to place your order, and rest easy knowing that your office event will have the highest quality meals. On the day of your catered event, the restaurant delivers not only the individual meals, but also everything you need to enjoy the meal, from utensils to beverages, we’ve got you covered.

Office Catering: Simplified

Office catering can be tricky, with many people having at least one story of disappointment. Not this time. We understand it’s important to be able to offer a memorable meal that arrives both hot and delicious when it’s time to be served. It’s just one way that you can impress those that work hard for your company or make an impression on any future clients you are entertaining and hoping to impress.

Easily make your selections and place your order online. There are locations in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois and South Dakota that make it possible to arrange a hot, full meal for delivery for your staff or meeting attendees.

A good caterer is dependable and offers delicious hot food in a timely manner. You’ve just found the best one around.