Steak Cooking Temperatures:

Cooking a steak to the correct temperature can prove to be tricky business. While the steaks may look similar on the outside, to the steak lover, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

  • Rare – (120-130 degrees) Rare steaks are cooked on the outside and barely cooked on the inside. The center of the steak is still cold when served.
  • Medium Rare – (130-140 degrees) Probably the most recommended temperature for steaks, medium rare is cooked on the outside, deep pink on the inside and served with a warm red center.
  • Medium – (140-150 degrees) Served with a warm center, this steak is uniformly pink throughout the center.
  • Medium Well – (150-160 degrees) This steak is nearly thoroughly cooked. Usually only has a trace line of pink through the center.
  • Well – (160-170  degrees) Completely cooked through inside and out.