In 2015, the UK Independent made the following observation: “Of all the meats, only one merits its own class of structure. There is no such place as a lamb house or pork house, but even a small town may have a steakhouse.” Steak is not simply sustenance or protein; steak is an event. When optimally cooked, however, the event becomes a sensory celebration.

Charbroiled Steak Delivery

Why is charbroiling the best way to cook steak? Anyone with a backyard grill can tell you. charbroiling involves cooking the steak at a high temperature on grated metal over a fire or other heat generator. Cooking the meat this way allows it to absorb heat from both the flame and from the metal bars of the grill. The fire, on the one hand, supplies radiant (as in radiator) heat whereas the metal surfaces apply conduction heat (through direct contact). This brings the internal steak temperature to desired levels in a short period of time.

The advantage to this method is that food delivery services like Steak-Out Charbroiled Delivery receive orders and fulfill them quickly and efficiently while maintaining meat taste and quality. We take special care to achieve the desired steak temperature according to each steak delivery order.

How Do You Know When a Steak Is Done?

Determining the right time to remove a steak from heat is both an art and science. However, before any cooking comes the purchasing. Choose USDA select cuts for ultimate flavor and quality. Steak-Out uses only the highest grade meats for food delivery. For those who like their steak rare, professional grillers like to see an internal temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit; for medium-rare, 130 degrees.

Important to remember, however, is the reality of residual heat: cooking continues after removal from the heat source because heat from the exterior works its way inward to the center. Therefore, extracting the meat from the grill a few degrees lower than the goal temperature is well-advised. The best cuts should never be wasted by overcooking. Unless a well-done steak is the goal, this is a rule of thumb worth observing.

What Else Comes with Steak Delivery Near Me?

Sure, a juicy steak by itself is great but why stop there? We know that complementing the main course is key! Enjoying grilled onions or sautéed mushrooms atop a beautiful ribeye, for example, is a perfect way to end the day, especially when you’re not having to cook or leave the house. Furthermore – you can finish this effortless meal with a generous slice of our popular New York-style Cheesecake or Death By Chocolate Cake without having to lift a finger.

To be sure, famous foodies from Martha Stewart to Bobby Flay continuously conceive of new ways to enhance the perfect steak with the ideal accompaniments. While we may lack star power, we certainly get the combinations right every time. Ours customers get all the culinary benefits without the celebrity pricetag.

The good news is that such a feast can be ordered and delivered quickly. Using the Steak-Out website, simply select the nearest location. From there, you can view the wide-ranging menu, call the order in or utilize the online ordering option. This page is easy to navigate and the steaks will be grilling promptly. As easy as ordering a pizza – and much more satisfying when the food arrives – Steak-Out Charbroiled Delivery gratifies the taste buds and the wallet. Additionally, you’re spared the hassle of traffic and waiting.