We all know that steaks are best when grilled, but what else do you know about steak? Maybe it’s fact, but maybe it’s fiction! Wondering if what you know about steak is actually real, or if it’s just a tall tale? Well, we can help you discern the fact from the fiction! At Steak-Out Charbroiled Delivery, we know steak, and we’re here to provide you with some facts and fiction about steak!

  1. If you’re grilling over an open flame, make sure to use plenty of seasoning! The majority of that seasoning is going to fall off while the steak is grilling, so don’t be afraid of overseasoning.
    1. Remember to give your steaks at least 45 minutes after you’ve salted them before grilling. This allows the salt to seep into the meat, offering flavor and a deliciously seared crust.
  2. Heating up your grill to the perfect temperature before throwing the steaks on ensures a proper sear on the outside and a juicy steak on the inside. When the grill is properly heated, you shouldn’t be able to hold your hand over it for more than two seconds.
    1. Bear in mind that thicker steaks actually require lower heat than thinner steaks; you don’t want to overcook them!
  3. Your steak isn’t ready to be turned until it’s no longer sticking to the grill. If it’s sticking to the grill, let it sit for a few more minutes!
  4. Never pierce your steak while cooking to check the temperature or turn it. Always use tongs because this keeps the juices and the flavors inside, where they belong, until you’re ready to cut into it and enjoy!
  5. The Fourth of July is the biggest day to enjoy a grilled steak. Fiction! This one is actually not a fact. It’s actually Memorial Day that’s the biggest holiday to enjoy a grilled steak.
  6. Always bring your steak to room temperature before cooking. Fiction! We have it on good authority that this one is actually false too. Bringing it to room temperature is more to ensure even cooking, but isn’t a concern when you’re grilling a steak. The bigger issues are a beautiful sear and juicy interior.
  7. You don’t need to cook the meat for the same amount of time on each side. Depending on the interior temperature of your steak, you’ll want to split the time.
  8. Give your grilled steak time to rest on the plate before serving. This helps the juices to stay inside the steak and not on your plate. You’ll want to wait for about half the time of cooking.  

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