Ahhhh….beefy, cheesy goodness. The cheeseburger, a most perfect food. What do you know about this juicy, delicious sandwich? Despite its remarkable contributions to our society and our palettes, the origin and true uniqueness of this tasty sandwich has been shrouded in mystery – until now. There is no need to wait until National Cheeseburger Day to enjoy your favorite sandwich! Read on as you wipe the grease from your chin.

Lionel Sternberger–Inventor Of The Cheeseburger?

It is theorized that Lionel Sternberger actually constructed the first sandwich of its kind. This restaurateur slapped a piece of cheese on a sandwich at the request of a homeless man he had been feeding, and the rest is history. While Louis Lassen sold its first predecessor, the hamburger, right around 1900, we are equally grateful to both of them for their innovation and willingness to please the American public.

Cheeseburgers Can Get Ridiculously Fancy

While there is no substitute for a good, greasy pub burger, some people long for the austere in finding the perfect cheeseburger. For instance, Serendipity 3 in New York offered a white truffle butter Kobe beef burger topped with shaved black truffles and a delicately poached quail egg. Coming in at around $300, it is only for the fully committed. Another popular upper crust burger is the Fleur Burger 5000 in Las Vegas, which features Wagyu beef, Fois Gras, and shaved truffles for the bargain price of $70.

Going Beyond The Love

Some people report that they live off of hamburgers and cheeseburgers! Over 70 percent of all beef sold in restaurants is requested in burger form, and this comprises over 60 percent of restaurant sales overall. We love our burgers!

The US Government Tried To Rename Burgers!

As an attempt to bolster patriotism in times of war, the US government attempted to step in and rename the burger, calling it the “Liberty Sandwich”. Can you imagine? Thank goodness we stuck to our guns and remained true to the burger’s Germanic roots, lest our burger culture would suffer the consequences.

Burger King—Not So Great On Your Skin

In 2008, Burger King had a momentary lapse in judgment when they released a new burger-scented cologne called “Flame”. Apparently smelling delicious doesn’t have the same allure as tasting delicious–the temporary popularity of Flame flickered and died out shortly after it was conceptualized.

Regional Specialties Are Part Of Its Charm

When in New Mexico, buckle up those taste buds for a spicy version of this tasty treat packed with green chilies. In Minnesota, expect a surprise when you take a bite of a Juicy Lucy, a burger with mounds of molten cheese inside. San Antonio does everything bigger and better with a burger topped with Cheese Whiz, refried beans, Fritos, and onions. Whatever your persuasion, you are bound to find something you like as you sample fare across the country.

Biggest Burger EVER

The largest burger ever recorded was cooked up in a Minnesota casino. Taking a special oven, a crane, and over 7 hours of cooking time, it was quite a sight to behold, and an even better treat to be a part of as they celebrated this special feat.

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